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Our University is justifiably the international University. More than 400 students from 30 countries of all over the world study here and half of them study in English. Moreover, we have a large group of students from neighbour and remote regions of Russia. We are proud of that Kazan medical school is attractive for young people from different parts of the world. That is why our priority is support and care for international students.

Kazan State Medical University is on the third place among Russian Medical Universities in 2009. It implements the best traditions of Russian science and keeps pace with modern Medicine..<a href='#'></a> Tatarstan is the unique region where two religions of the world, Islam and Christianity,exist in piece and friendship..<a href='#'></a> Kazan is the most ancient and beautiful cities of the Russian Federation. It is interesting to study and either to live. Kazan Kremlin is the unique historical monument which is supervised and protected by UNESCO..<a href='#'></a> Kazan State Medical University provides the worldclass medical education. It gives a chance to his alumnus to achieve perfection in every field of Medicine..<a href='#'></a>

Considering KSMU?

For most students choosing a university, it is the first important decision they make as adults, and it is one that shapes and influences both their present and future life.

If you want to attend a foreign university, you would become part of a minority.  However you would be given the opportunity to meet and make friends with other students from all over the world both local students and other members of the universitys international population.  You will learn how to deal with obvious challenges, like language barriers, and being far from home. But perhaps you would learn most from the more nuanced aspects of cultural differences including academic ones as well as social ones. 

Picking one university to attend is a truly overwhelming choice for some.  Among myriad schools all over the world, students and parents alike stress about choosing the right one.  We present you the main information about Kazan State Medical University and admission for facilitate your choice.




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